Broken Sorrow video (guitar instrumental)

Broken Sorrow by Mohaiminul

“Broken Sorrow” is an original guitar instrumental by Mohaiminul.
This is just a demo recording, final version will come out in the future.

Check out the video: Broken Sorrow | YouTube
Facebook video: Broken Sorrow | Facebook
For better audio quality: Broken Sorrow | ReverbNation

Song name: Broken Sorrow (instrumental version)
Composer: Mohaiminul
Guitarist: Mohaiminul
Recording: Mohaiminul

This video was recorded with a regular webcam and audio was recorded with generic built-in sound card.
Guitar: LTD MH - 50
Effect: Korg AX 3000G, Guitar Rig 5
Mixing: Reaper
Editing: Windows Live Movie Maker, Adobe Photoshop CS6